The Slinky Fox - Pizza and Deli

Wood Fired Pizza

The Slinky Fox produces mouth watering Artisan wood-fired pizzas. We use authentic Italian ingredients because maintaining Italian traditions is at the heart of what we do, so think Neapolitan with room for debate, in order to keep Neapolitan purists on side.

We combine delicious heritage ingredients such as Caputo flour for our dough, Pelati tomatoes in our sauce to gain depth of flavour and fior di latte mozzarella.

Where possible we source all the ingredients for our toppings from local suppliers to reduce the impact on the environment. We slowly ferment our dough and hand stretch each pizza to order which are then cooked in our Amodio wood-fired oven, giving them their unique flavour.

What makes us different?

Passionate about Pizza

The Slinky Fox is passionate about Pizza, that’s why Kay challenged herself way out of her comfort zone and trained alongside a traditional Pizzaolio with 25 years experience. This has been fed back into The Slinky Fox meaning we have our very own artisan at hand.