Our Story

After undertaking a number of jobs but never being fulfilled or passionate about any of them, I decided to open The Slinky Fox in 2016. My passion lies in making great tasting artisan pizzas that display my love for simple, high quality ingredients, sourced as locally as possible.  For centuries, pizza has delighted and tantalised people, it has been at the centre of conversations, debates, sports matches, break ups and just about every other scenario you can think of. Pizza is much more than just a bit of dough and some toppings, it’s enjoyment, it’s elation, it’s despair, it’s joy, it’s fun, it’s anticipation, pizza is whatever you make it but we believe it’s your own little slice of life!

Our Ethos

We truly care about the quality of our pizzas and take pride in sourcing only the best quality ingredients that contribute to your slice of happiness. We ensure that we operate as sustainably as possible because we believe we all have a responsibility for the environment we live in. We aim to give you the best tasting experience whatever the environment, you can't trust the weather but you can trust our pizza!

Our Oven

If you're going to do something, do it properly that's exactly what we aimed to achieve with our purpose built dragon wood fired pizza oven. Durable and compact with an aesthetic, professional look, it will look the part at any event. The design ensures that it heats up quickly and retains its temperature, cooking in this manner guarantees perfectly baked authentic wood fired pizza in under 2 minutes.

Our Dough

Anyone can buy top quality ingredients for toppings but if the dough hasn’t been produced with care and attention, the end product won’t be what consumers deserve. Our flour is reputed to be one of the best, imported direct from Italy. It’s treated with passion and precision throughout the preparation and the resultant dough is proved for at least 24-36 hrs, making it easier to digest because it breaks down the sugars and proteins in the flour. All our dough is then hand stretched at the event to ensure quality and freshness.

Our Toppings

We are big advocates of buying locally that’s why we try to source most of the ingredients for our toppings from nearby farms. We take a significant amount of time researching ingredients that work together and compliment each other, our Smoky Goat is a prime example (smoked ham, goats cheese, walnuts, and honey). We are extremely proud of our tomato sauce which is made with scrumptious plum tomatoes from Puglia. Our Olio Extra Virgin Vergeni olive oil sourced from Puglia is simply sublime, we think you’ll agree!

Our Service

We aim to work with our clients to create a happy memorable pizza experience. We are very particular about getting it right. We conduct site visits and taste sessions prior to your event to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible. We can if required offer a truly bespoke package because we understand that variety and choice is key.

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